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We are Aitkin County

A Tale of
We are Aitkin County
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Jim Bright

Employee Spotlight

Roy Lijquest, Randy Beauchen, Jaren Johnson, Kyle Priem, Dennis Nylander


Efficiency, Organizational Agility, Improved Internal Relationships

We are Aitkin County

In a remarkable display of collaboration, professionalism, and integrity, Jim Bright’s crew have consistently gone above and beyond their duties to support various projects and departments within the local county government. Notably, they have been instrumental in lending a helping hand during events like the fair and filling in at the Long Lake Conservation Center when their maintenance person was absent.

Jim's crew, including Roy Lijquest, Randy Beauchem, Jaren Johnson, Kyle Priem, and Dennis Nyldander, exemplify the core value of collaboration by proactively seeking opportunities to provide better customer service and support. They take pride in their work and willingly contribute their skills and expertise without seeking recognition or personal favors in return. Their dedication and selflessness set an inspiring example for their fellow employees.

Their contributions extend beyond their own department, as they foster collaboration across departments. For instance, the Highway Department reciprocates the assistance provided by Jim's crew by offering their support to the maintenance department. This collaboration results in joint efforts, such as hauling dirt to the fairgrounds, to ensure the successful execution of projects.

By embodying professionalism, Jim's crew demonstrates a respectful and responsible approach to their work. They consistently deliver high-quality service while maintaining a humble demeanor. Their commitment to excellence serves as a model for others within the organization, motivating fellow employees to strive for their best.

Furthermore, Jim’s crew display remarkable integrity. Their willingness to help others, even without expectation of reciprocity, showcases their ethical character and dedication to doing what is right. Their actions foster an environment of trust and goodwill, encouraging reciprocal support from other departments and fostering a sense of unity within the local county government.

The impact of these collaborative efforts is far-reaching. Their commitment to exceptional customer service and their willingness to assist others contribute to the overall effectiveness and performance of the local county government. Their actions promote a culture of collaboration and support, strengthening the relationships between departments and enhancing the county government's ability to serve its citizens.

The contributions made by Jim's crew, along with the reciprocal assistance from other departments, create a positive ripple effect throughout the organization. This collaborative spirit fosters a sense of unity, teamwork, and mutual respect among employees, ultimately leading to improved efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and a more cohesive and effective local county government as a whole.

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