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Integrity, People-Focus
A Tale of
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Penny Harms

Employee Spotlight

Josh Hughley


Improved External Relationships, Improved Services

We understand

In a recent meeting with various community organizations, a participant found herself burdened by a particularly stressful issue in her role. As she shared her struggles, Josh Hughley, a remarkable individual in our office, exemplified the values we hold dear. With genuine empathy, he assured her that she was not alone, expressing the collective understanding and support of everyone present. Offering an open invitation to further discuss her concerns, he extended his personal availability, as well as that of the entire group. Moved by compassion, Josh then rose from his seat and gave her a hug, providing a comforting gesture that brought tears of gratitude to her eyes.

Josh's actions embody our organization's core value of People-Focus. He went above and beyond to put the needs of people first, demonstrating a true commitment to prioritizing humanity. By actively listening, offering support, and extending a heartfelt gesture of comfort, Josh showcased his unwavering dedication to helping others and creating an environment where individuals feel valued and supported.

The potential impact of Josh's actions within our local county government is significant. By putting people first and demonstrating genuine care and empathy, he sets a powerful example for his colleagues and the community at large. His actions contribute to fostering a workplace culture that values the well-being of its employees and encourages open communication and support. This, in turn, can enhance employee morale, productivity, and collaboration, ultimately leading to improved service delivery to citizens. Furthermore, by creating a culture of People-Focus, Josh's actions have the potential to ripple outward, positively influencing the entire county, as citizens receive services and support from an organization that truly prioritizes their needs and well-being.

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