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Adopting GE Workout

An easy to understand, organization-wide framework and language that empowers employees to contribute to the strategic success of the organization in exciting, measurable, and efficient ways.

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Creating Strategic Clarity & Alignment

Give your leaders the gift of a tried-and-true approach for creating strategic clarity, increasing performance, and sustaining organizational agility in unpredictable times!

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Cultivating a Mindful Workplace

Help your employees develop numerous mindsets associated with mindfulness practice, which support a gratifying, enjoyable and creative workplace.

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Design Thinking

Help teams, which may not understand their own innovative capacity, run the essential processes of design thinking: a continuous process of improving the experience of their constituents.​

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Developing Organizational Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Give those who are responsible for leading DE&I efforts a step-by-step approach for applying a consensus driven, inside-out, inspiring methodology that works!

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Developing a Culture for Innovation

Equip your employees with direct insight, knowledge, and tools that allow them to directly increase innovative capacity (and many associated benefits) in themselves and your organizations.

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High Performance Team Building

Make your team more effective with proven protocols for navigating difficult discussions, developing a deeper sense of cohesion, and sharing a deep sense of strategic clarity.

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Launching a Learning Organization

Greatly increase your organization's capability for collaborative exploration, strategic experimentation, and knowledge sharing.

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Leading Change

Give your leaders a common language and step-by-step approach for leading change from start to finish and support the factors that help make change stick.

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Mindful Leadership

Give your leaders the gift of deep self-understanding, through tools and practices that are necessary to lead with greater presence and purpose.

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Immediately increase employee well-being through the many deep, life-changing benefits of regular mindfulness practice.

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Planning for Culture Shock

Give you employees the gift of direct insight, knowledge, and tools that allow them to engage and learn from unique cultural differences that exist in the workplace.

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