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The OD field is at a crucial inflection point. The greatest minds — new or experienced — know that there is a lot to be said as we look toward the future and try to understand OD’s role in it. The OpenSource OD blog is designed to be a space where those ideas can be explored. You are invited to co-create that space with us as a guest contributor.

Become a Blog Contributor

What You Get

A Platform Without Pretension

The OpenSource OD Blog is an inclusive space where innovation and curiosity are encouraged. Whether you’re a 20-year veteran with lessons to share or an emerging practitioner exploring your own thought leadership, all ideas are welcome.

Visibility Among an Engaged Community

With over 200 members and growing, the OpenSource OD community are early adopters and connectors who are eager to consume and share your ideas. Through our affinity forums, newsletter and LinkedIn page, your contribution will get extra exposure to this community.

Outsized Thought Leadership

In true open source fashion, this platform encourages ideas to be shared and built upon. Nowhere else in the OD landscape will your words have a better chance of inspiring action. Our unique editorial process will actively pair you with other thought leaders or change makers relevant to your contribution topic to continue the work.

What We're Looking For


We encourage pure and hybrid OD perspectives (read more about the difference here) but we request that contributions do have a clear throughline to OD and its values.


We’re excited by content that ends with questions for readers rather than hard and fast declarations. Contributions should leave readers with something they can take away.


A PhD in I/O psychology should not be a prerequisite to understand your contribution. Content on our blog should speak to those with or without an OD background.

Editorial Guidelines

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