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Ways to Contribute

Aspiring Author?

Become a Blog Contributor

The OD field is at a crucial inflection point. The greatest minds — new or experienced — know that there is a lot to be said as we look toward the future and try to understand OD’s role in it. The OpenSource OD blog is designed to be a space where those ideas can be explored. You are invited to co-create that space with us as a guest contributor.

Aspiring Researcher?

Become an OD Career Calling Research Assistant

The OpenSourceOD team is scouting the globe for talented and aspiring researchers and data analysts who are willing and able to contribute their time to a project that will help aspiring job applicants, employers, OD education institutions, and the field of OD itself!

Awesome Instructor?

Integrate the M.O.S.T. Meaningful Career Assessment with your Course

The Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation (M.O.S.T.) Meaningful Careers Assessment was developed to help students get a clearer grasp of the OD field and better understand the job market and what roles exist for OD practitioners. The assessment matches your students' unique competencies and preferences with specific types of OD careers based on the OD talents and interests they already have, the type of change they hope to influence, the change approach they most prefer and the professional identity they are most likely to enjoy. Learn how to integrate this free assessment to make the most out of your introduction to the world of OD!

Aspiring Actor?

Join our Acting Troupe for Immersive OD Practice Circles

The OpenSourceOD team is recruiting volunteer actors who will play a pivotal role in developing an immersive OD (Organization Development) simulation. The team’s mission is to provide a hands-on experiential learning opportunity for anyone interested in OD to increase their ability to manage adaptive challenges and change the world for the better!

Aspiring OpenSource OD Crew Member?

Join the OSOD Crew

We are always looking for people to volunteer their time in supporting a variety of projects spanning social media marketing, webinar hosting, data analysis, and beta testing. If you are thrilled about our vision, mission, and strategic initiatives, we'd love to talk with you about becoming part of our volunteer team!

Amazing Career Lesson to Share?

Let Others Experience Your Journey

If you've got at least 10 years of experience, either as an internal or external consultant, you might just love this gig! We're looking for someone who has a great story to share, complete with challenges and difficult people, that we can translate into a scenario-based learning solutions that help aspiring OD practitioners gain confidence in dealing with real-to-life challenges.

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