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Amazing Career Lesson to Share?

Let Others Experience Your Journey

If you've got at least 10 years of experience, either as an internal or external consultant, you might just love this gig! We're looking for someone who has a great story to share, complete with challenges and difficult people, that we can translate into a scenario-based learning solutions that help aspiring OD practitioners gain confidence in dealing with real-to-life challenges.

Let Others Experience Your Journey

Who We're Looking For

Highly experienced consultants who can give the gift of great stories and lessons around challenging consulting situations. These will be turned into a virtual reality learning simulation for countless emerging practitioners who lack experience and yearn to build the skill of adapting in real time to the pressures that often come with consulting.

What You Get!

  • We'll turn your story into a real-to-life scenario-based learning simulation. In this way, your unique experience and the pivotal lessons you learned will live on in the hearts and minds of countless emerging OD practitioners and students who are just getting their "sea legs" in the consulting world. This will be a place to practice, make mistakes, gain confidence, and learn about their own values-in-action!

  • At the end of the simulation, we are happy to include the name and website address of your consulting and/or coaching organization, as well as email. It's a great way to get new prospective clients!

  • We will give you public kudos through social media and celebrate your story in a blog post that reaches hundreds of our members.

  • You'll even have a chance to join unlimited "Immersive Learning Circles" where you can watch how people make decisions (with the help of a facilitator) in your own story and surprise them with your guest appearance!

  • New friends (we're always looking for them at OpenSourceOD).

  • Legacy, real legacy!

What to Expect

We'll treat you like gold and walk you through the entire process, easy-peasy! First, you'll meet our team for a 1.5 hour recording session. We’ll ask you to share a vivid consulting or coaching story (using pseudonyms for anonymity), marked by a disorienting situation you faced as a consultant, which had no clear-cut solution and really caused you to pause and reflect on your practices and sense of self/identity. It could also be one that really differentiates you as a thought-leader. We only ask that you think about it ahead of our meeting. We'll likely ask you to share:

  • A disorienting dilemma you encountered along the way, where you didn't have the right knowledge, skills, resources, or support system to work through it.

  • Who were the different characters in the story, their roles, behaviors, attitudes, etc?

  • What options you had and what choices did you make?

  • During the process did you ever feel unsure about the option you chose?

  • What were your biggest fears at the time, if any?

  • Any assumptions or biases you had at the time that didn't serve you well?

  • What was the main lesson you took away from the experience?

  • Given your experience, what advice would you have for an emerging practitioner?

We’ll coach you through your description, step-by-step, keeping names anonymous and highlighting the decision making and thought processes you used to get there. This part of the recording will not be shared, but instead will be used to create the simulation so that participants can share and navigate through your experience!

The second part of our recording, which will be used in the simulation is a 5 – 7 minute recording of you speaking directly and briefly to the person who just took the simulation, sharing what you learned, what you might do differently next time, and any other advice you might have for the participant. The goal is to help them learn about what is important when dealing with adaptive challenges that they are bound to experience in consulting life!

Finally, we'll create a scenario-based learning simulation with real actors who assume the roles of the characters in your story. The person who is engaging in your story will experience firsthand what you did, and make choices along the way, which may lead them down the same path you took, or alternate paths. At the end, you will appear, speaking directly to the person who experienced your story. You'll speak to them directly sharing what it was like for you, how you adapted, and key lessons.

Contact Us!

Ready to help aspiring OD practitioners hone their craft in a safe environment with real-life challenges? Click here to submit a form with your details, and our Chief Story Architect will be in touch with you in 3 business days! To learn more click here!

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