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Integrate the M.O.S.T. Meaningful Career Assessment with your Course

The Mastering Organizational & Societal Transformation (M.O.S.T.) Meaningful Careers Assessment was developed to help students get a clearer grasp of the OD field and better understand the job market and what roles exist for OD practitioners. The assessment matches your students' unique competencies and preferences with specific types of OD careers based on the OD talents and interests they already have, the type of change they hope to influence, the change approach they most prefer and the professional identity they are most likely to enjoy. Learn how to integrate this free assessment to make the most out of your introduction to the world of OD!

Integrate the M.O.S.T. Meaningful Career Assessment with your Course

Your Students will love this M.O.S.T. Meaningful Assessment!

The field of OD can be challenging to define and the career outlook for new graduates is sometimes unclear. While the field may be complex, developing an inspiring career that leverages your students' unique talents and interests can be made easier by deepening their understanding of career preferences and how they match specific jobs that are currently available to OD practitioners. This assessment was prototyped with the help of students from OD programs across the U.S., and continues to be tested, validated, and updated.

What We Are Looking For!

University instructors who are interested in integrating our free MOST Meaningful Careers Assessment in their coursework in order to help students understand the field of OD better from a career-development perspective. This free assessment was designed to take a comprehensive view of the field by analyzing 11 OD competency models, the course work and vision statements of 144 OD graduate and certificate programs, over 500 job descriptions between 2021-2022, feedback from five renowned experts in the field, focus groups with emerging OD practitioners, and dialogue with members of the OD Education Association.

What You Get

We will provide you with a helpful "syllabus snippet" that describes the purpose of the assessment, how to participate, and a multi-step assignment designed to activate various learning styles and demonstrate increased knowledge of the OD career landscape and immediate implications for each student.

After taking the M.O.S.T. Assessment your students will receive customized reports revealing actual careers that match their unique preferences, accompanied by tailored resources for further learning, including network connections with practitioners who share their preferences. This report will be particularly useful in helping students:

  1. Plan an economical, meaningful, and practical path for attaining the type of career that fits their preferences, interests and course work!

  2. Expand their network with a community of practitioners, students, and researchers who share their career calling preference.

  3. Supplement their course work with any additional training they may need, which is required for the pure or hybrid career they hope to attain (e.g., public speaking, project management, data visualization, etc.).

You will also receive a PowerPoint Deck that contains dialogue discussion starters, prompts, and instructor notes for helping students examine how the field continues to evolve, which transferable skills are most in demand, OD career ladders and lattices, and how to utilize the report to inform their own blend of career development investments.

Contact Us!

Ready to jazz up your class and support a clear and compelling career path for anyone interested in positive change? Click here to submit a form with your details, and we will be in touch with you in 3 business days.

Dr. Bill Brendel, who is also a university professor (and originator of the assessment) will walk you through the process and help you integrate this assignment in a way that dovetails with the objectives you've developed for your course. Bill is also happy to discuss how this assessment has been validated and will continue to be validated (and reports updated) over time to match our dynamic and fluid OD career landscape!

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