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I've got your Back

Collaboration, People-Focus
A Tale of
I've got your Back
Contributed by

Kris Palmer

Employee Spotlight

Deanna Jezierski


Improved Internal Relationships

I've got your Back

This is a story about teamwork and support, where kindness and camaraderie unfolds, illuminating the core value of "Collaboration" in its purest form. Within the corridors of uncertainty and apprehension, a light of generosity emerged in the form of Deanna Jezierski, casting aside distances and embracing the spirit of unity.

The tale begins with a moment of trepidation – a request to appear in court on a case that was unfamiliar, leaving you in the grip of fear. This was uncharted territory, and the weight of responsibility bore heavily on your shoulders. It was amidst this internal turmoil that a fellow coworker, Deanna, stepped into the narrative.

Upon hearing your concerns, Deanna's response was nothing short of a lifeline. With a heart full of compassion and an unwavering commitment to your well-being, she offered to drive in on her remote working day. It's worth noting that Deanna's home was over an hour away from the office, making her gesture of support all the more remarkable.

Her actions spoke volumes about the essence of "Collaboration" – a value that transcends tasks and responsibilities to embody the spirit of unity and mutual support. Deanna's generosity erased your fears, replacing them with a sense of relief and gratitude. It wasn't just about appearing in court together; it was a reminder that no one walks alone in a team.

In Deanna's offering, there's a profound lesson in camaraderie. Her selflessness wasn't just about guidance; it was about demonstrating that a challenge shared is a challenge lessened. Her actions were a testament to the kind of workplace culture that uplifts one another, that recognizes that the strength of a team lies not just in accomplishments, but in the support extended to each other.

As we reflect on this story, let it serve as a reminder that the power of collaboration isn't just in the tasks we accomplish together, but in the bonds we build. Deanna's act of kindness is a beacon that guides us toward a culture of unity, where each individual's success is everyone's triumph, and each challenge is a collective effort. It's a reminder that no matter the distance, when hearts unite, extraordinary things can be achieved.

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