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The Great Communicator

People-Focus, Professionalism
A Tale of
The Great Communicator
Contributed by

DJ Thompson

Employee Spotlight

Becky Roden


Improved Services, Efficiency, Improved External Relationships

The Great Communicator

Becky Roden, an exceptional member of our department, consistently demonstrates outstanding customer service, professionalism, and a people-focused approach in her role. Despite receiving numerous calls each day, many of which should be made to different departments, Becky goes above and beyond to ensure that individuals are connected with the right resources.
In embodying the core value of people-focus, Becky recognizes the importance of empathy and understanding. Rather than simply directing callers to the county website, she puts herself in the shoes of the public, considering their perspective and needs. This empathetic approach allows her to provide a more personalized and efficient service, making it easier and faster for individuals to find the information they require.

Becky's actions showcase her dedication to customer service. By taking the extra step of connecting callers with the appropriate departments, she saves them valuable time and frustration. Her commitment to helping individuals find the right resources reflects her deep sense of responsibility and a genuine desire to provide the best possible service.

By consistently ensuring that individuals are directed to the correct department, Becky contributes to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of Aitkin. Her actions help streamline processes, reduce unnecessary transfers, and enhance the public's experience when interacting with various county departments.

Becky's commitment to exceptional customer service also creates a positive perception of our department and the county as a whole. Her dedication to helping people find the information they need fosters trust, satisfaction, and a positive image of the county government in the eyes of the public.

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