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It's time to answer your calling, ignite your passion, boost your capabilities, and enjoy the ride! Work your way through the tabs above to learn about the specific types of OD jobs you'll love and plug directly into resources that energize and propel your calling, including carefully curated books, articles, podcasts, and a community of practitioners just like you! Get more mileage out of this report by bookmarking this page in your browser, so you can refuel periodically.

As you read through your assessment, you may think to yourself, "This is very true about me!" You may also think, "This doesn't exactly sound like me." Take note of these nuances because they likely hold additional clues to your career calling. In our advanced section you will have an opportunity to level up and connect with a certified OD Career Coach!

The OD Career Calling Assessment continues to be inspired by so many bright minds who wish to influence positive, healthy, and sustainable change in their systems and themselves. These include assessment takers like you, students, professors, award winning practitioners,  employers, and a variety of institutes and associations. This also could not be possible without the collective efforts of so many researchers and thought-leaders. We encourage you to learn more about their work in our author databaseIf you have any questions regarding your report, send us an email at

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself." ~ Rumi

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